User manual

We always try to represent our products in the most effective way possible in order to reproduce the real appearence of our materials and in order to give an idea to our users. That is why we use a ruler on the main photo of the product. The ruler can give you the idea of the size of the pattern/draw printed on the surface of the leather.

Terms and conditions of use

Disclaimer is an online platform intended to be used as a catalog of leather for professionals operating in the fashion industry. 

Leather is a natural product. Therefore the real appearence of the products could be different from the photos shown in this website. We try with our best efforts to show all the attributes in the most accurate and descriptive way in order to describe and transmit the real value of our products. Anyway some of the photos can appear slightly different from the reality, depending on the product. Moreover, average quantities and surfaces are also to be indended as a suggestion and not a mandatory feature of the product.